Oct 28, 2012

Illustration for O pássaro na cabeça 
by Manuel Antonio Pina


Final design 

 “I’m the singing bird/inside your head/inside your throat/everywherewant”
Bird singing inside head and throat.
Shadows symbolized the song expanded everywhere


“I’m the flying bird/ inside your heart/and everyone/also the ones you think they don’t"
     Birds on a heart shape 
                       Different colors and different eyes-shape are referred to different people

“I’m the bird of the imagination/which flies even at prison/and sings for everything and for nothing/even whit the mouth close”      
As an imaginary situation (out of reality) figures are inverted
             The bird is tired because the never ending song                      

“And this is the song without reason/which is not useful/only for be singed/when friends are leaving"
       The prison’s bars are reverted simulating the leaving friends
           The bird is singing louder and louder but they are leaving anyway

“And you stay alone again/in a biginning loneliness/with the little bird/inside your head"    
        Again alone, walking to the opposite side of his friends                                      
               The bird is still inside the egg waiting the moment to start singing again

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